Outer Space to 'Out on Bail'

An astronaut is going from outer space to 'out on bail,' in what authorities are portraying as a bizarre love triangle.

Lisa Nowak, who was on the International Space Station last year, went to court this morning to answer charges that she tried to kidnap a perceived rival for another astronaut's affections.

Police say Nowak drove 900 miles from Houston to confront another woman- someone she believed was competing for the attention of astronaut William Oefelein.

Investigators say Nowak, a married mother of three, put on a disguise and took a BB gun and pepper spray with her to confront the woman in an airport parking lot.

Nowak's bond was set at $15,500. She answered, "Yes," when asked if she understood that as a condition for her release, she can't contact her alleged victim.

Charges include attempted kidnapping and attempted vehicle burglary with battery.

Nowak and Oefelein trained together as astronauts but never flew
on the same shuttle flight.

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