MHMR In the Black

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02-06-07 Mental Health Mental Retardation Services of Texoma officials say they are operating in the black. But say they still need more funding to stay comfortably afloat.

In November, MHMR reported they would be forced to close their doors by this month, if expenses remained unchanging. But due to an organizational restructuring, a residential program at the center, and revenue from third party sources, the center will remain open.

State funding for MHMR services hasn't changed for a decade.

"Right now we are actually serving many more than we are funding to serve and there are people on the waiting list," said Tony Maddox, executive director of MHMR. "We'd lke to take people off the waiting list and put them in the services they need."

Texas state legislators may address part of the funding issue during the legislative session, Maddox said.