Out Sick

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It seems like few people can escape the wrath of this year's flu season. From the classroom to the workplace, everyone seems to be calling in sick.

Physicians tell us the recent outbreak is a direct result of people not getting vaccinated. They say this is the first in several years many clinics had vaccinations left over.

Now people across Texoma are feeling the miserable effects of infection.

The outbreak is taking its toll on local businesses. Sherman Wal-Mart managers say they have had to adjust schedules after a number of employees called in sick.

Crowds of people formed lines around their pharmacy today.

But school officials say they have been impacted the most.

The head of Texoma Christian School said 40 students and two teachers were out sick Thursday. Classrooms in Kingston, Madill, and Davis also saw drastic decrease in attendance. A combined total of around 300 students were out sick.

Physicians say it's best to try and avoid overcrowded places, but the main thing to remember: wash your hands repeatedly with antibacterial soap.