Gun Violence & Kids - Failing Grade for OK & TX

1-8-04 - Oklahoma and Texas are getting a failing grade when it comes to protecting children from gun violence. That's according to a national group, but locals say it's just smoke and mirrors.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the Million Mom March give Oklahoma and Texas a D- in its annual review of gun laws. The failing grades are aimed at laws in both states that the group doesn't agree with. Neither state has laws on the books banning assault weapons or requiring child safety locks to be sold with guns. The group also criticizes both states for allowing concealed weapons.

The report did praise both states for regulating the sale of guns by children. FirstNews spoke with local gun advocates who have a different take on the grading system. They don't dispute the law issue, but they do say FBI statistics show there is less gun violence right now in both states than in years past.

They also point out that rural areas like Texoma have better gun safety for children than most urban areas. The 7th annual report card also gave grades of D or F to 29 other states.