Honoring the Past and Present

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Civil War reenactment traditionally honor history and pay homage to those who lost their lives. But in Fort Towson, the exercise of recreating war was to show those who might be entering combat.

Just two weeks ago, two members of the Burleson ROTC graduated the program and a couple of days later, they were on their way to Iraq. And for those in the program now, that still remains a possibility, but Saturday, they got a little taste of Southeastern Oklahoma.

"To forget our past means we have no future," says Curtis Ogle, captain of the 20th Texas Dismounted Cavalry Division.

Ogle and the 12 men in his division get together once a month to pay their respects to the past. On Saturday they taught a group from Fort Worth the meaning of the history. The event allowed more people to see the history that Southeastern Oklahoma has and it allowed students to learn a little more about American History.

Being enrolled in the ROTC in high school doesn't mean mandatory service like it does in college. But school officials say many think about it and with the increase in troops overseas, that possibility grows by the day.