High Speed Chase Caught on Tape

1-9-04 - Southern Oklahoma law enforcement had their hands full Friday morning with a high speed chase. A dash camera on board a Marietta police car caught most of the action, as 25 year old Dennis Jay Moore refused to pull over. It all began around 7:30 in the morning when a relative alerted police that Moore was driving without a license. Moore dodged officers on city streets and then rammed into a family member’s Jeep in a parking lot. But Moore still wouldn’t stop – eventually heading south on I-35. Moore would sideswipe two more patrol cars along the way. A state trooper finally was able to blow the pickup’s tires with stop sticks, ending the chase. Police say when they asked Moore why he ran, he told them he was just trying to go shopping. He faces four charges; one for attempting to allude officers and three for assault and battery with a deadly weapon.