School Threatened in Kingston

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School administrators in Kingston received an email from a person threatening to harm 39 students, faculty members, and others in the community late Sunday night. They immediately called police and officers worked through the night to try and find the person responsible.

KXII received the same e-mail.

As soon as they notified police, school officials called every parent whose child was threatened in the email. They say they don't believe anyone is in real danger, and school went on as scheduled Monday with security on highest alert.

The KIngston Police Department calle din every officer on staff to surround the school grounds, and all entrances were locked or carefully guarded

About this time a year ago Kingston Police received e-mails from the same address threatening to blow up Marshall County bridges and the Lake Texoma Lodge.

Officers called the Internet provider to gain access to the person's information but to obtain those records they will have to go through a lengthy subpoena process. They are now working with the district attorney to get speed up that process.

Currently every officer is working on the case. The FBI might get involved, but Capt. Nathan Calloway of the Kingston Police Department says all they are taking all necessary precautions.

The person responsible is facing serious prison time. The suspect could be charged on at least 39 counts of making terroristic threats.

Police say Monday night they do have a person of interest they plan to bring in for questioning.

School officials say they will maintain tight security for the next several days or until the suspect is apprehended.

KXII received word late Monday that a 20-year-old man had been arrested regarding this case.