Marietta Plant One of Several to Close

1-12-04 - The apparent shutdown of the Bake-Line cookie factory has come as a shock to folks in Marietta. Local or national management has yet to inform employees of why the plant is closed, or if it will reopen.

Spokesman Ron Bottrell says the company shut down its Illinois headquarters and seven plants in Oklahoma, Illinois, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Arkansas, putting 1,300 employees out of work. The company had told workers Friday that two plants would close in 60 to 90 days. Bottrell says that at the time, Bake-Line didn't expect to close the other plants. But Bake-Line failed to get extra financing.

The plant has had several owners in recent years, but it's history in Marietta goes back more than 50 years. Bake-Line makes cookies and crackers to be sold at supermarkets.

Bottrell says it's not clear if the company may begin operations again.