Accident Shuts Down Hwy 70

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02-12-07 Low visibility on the roads Monday night caused a major accident in Bryan Co. Police and state troopers shut down Highway 70 from Meade to Kersey, and traffic was still diverted late into the night.

OHP troopers say they responded to the call around 7:30 Monday night.
The accident occurred on Highway 70 in west Bryan Co., just east of the Roosevelt Bridge.

A mini-can was travelling west on Highway 70. When it slowed down to turn, a blue pick-up truck swerved into the east bound lane to avoid hitting the van.

A semi-truck swerved to avoid the truck, then was rear-ended by another semi.

"The second semi ran completely through the first semi's trailer," said James Rienecker, an OHP trooper.

One of the drivers was treated for minor injuries. OHP stayed on street late into the night investigating.

They want to urge drivers to exercise extra caution when driving in foggy conditions.