Durant Grocery Owners React to Fire

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The Greenspray Grocery Store in Durant, a destination for countless shoppers over the years, was destroyed in a fire late Monday night. The family that owns the store reacted today to the news.

The Sullivan Family has owned the Greenspray Grocery Store in Durant for the past forty years. Store owner Randy Sullivan pulled up to the fire this morning and watched part of Durant's history go down in flames.

"All of our family, a lot of our nephews and nieces worked here. Literally thousands of people have worked here."

Sullivan said he and his sons recently finished making several improvements to the store and was just admiring their work Monday night.

"We all decided to pitch in and clean it up better... just do a better job with it."

He finds it ironic that hours later the store looked nothing like what he'd seen.

Sullivan's son-in-law Willy Henderson says he too has worked at the store since he was a teen and took the news hard as well.

"Just devastated, trying to keep our spirits up and really just trying to keep laughing just to keep from crying."

Jerad and Jordan Sullivan say one thing that is not lost is everything they have learned working at the store.

The Sullivans say by the looks of things it's hard to tell where to go from here, but they're not giving up hope.

"We're not quitting...that's what we'll say this morning, never give up."

Fire officials are still looking into the cause of the fire.

The Sullivans say they hope to start rebuilding soon.