Welcome to the New KXII.com

Welcome to the new KXII.com. If you're a regular visitor to our site, we changed things up on you today. Our new, redesigned site is intended to optimize your online experience, and we hope you enjoy it.

We've added some new sections on KXII.com to give you more to peruse when you visit us on the Web, and our primary goal is to provide users like you chances to interact with your community and our station. We added a blogs page that will give you an inside look at what goes on at the station and the thoughts of KXII personalities. We also added an interactive page that will be a place for users to sound off, give their opinions, and see the viewpoints of others in the community. Also new is the KXII.com News section to give you updates of what new features we have and what we're working on.

One of the first things you will notice is that you can leave a comment on just about any story we post. Do not be bashful; we encourage everyone to share their thoughts or ask a question. We will be responding to your comments and answering your questions.

A few weeks ago, we polled users of what you would like to see covered more online. You overwhelmingly chose schools coverage. We heard you, loud and clear! We now have a brand new schools page, with links to all area schools. Students and teachers, we are always looking for stories to post. Feel free to send us what's going on at your school.

We are always striving to improve the site for our viewers and readers. If you have a suggestion, notice a problem, or need some help, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this story.

Thanks for coming to KXII.com.

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