Congressman Reacts To Soldier's Death

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Oklahoma Congressman Dan Boren expresses his sympathy over Sgt. Buddy Hughie's death today during a packed forum at the Ravia Community Center.

Boren met with Hughie's mother yesterday to offer his condolences. He says he feels it is his duty as a Congressman and member of the House Armed Services Committee.

While he supports troops serving overseas, Boren says he does not back the President's plan to deploy more troops to Iraq. He says it's time to let the Iraqi government take over.

Great Britain Prime Minister Tony Blair's decision to bring his troops home concerns Boren because he says now the U.S. will have to invest more money and manpower overseas.

"I wish he would have stayed longer but understand he has to deal with own country, and someday we as Americans are going to have to make that decision how much longer we want to stay in Iraq."

Today's forum was part of Representative Boren's Town Hall Meetings tour.

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