Controlling a New Water District

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Grayson County officials say a groundwater conservation district is going to happen, but they want to make sure they are the ones that operate it.

Yesterday afternoon, leaders from Grayson, Fannin and Cooke Counties discussed the possibility of creating their own conservation district. Officials listened to the advice of Dr. Bruce Lesikar, Associate Professor, Extension Specialist at Texas A&M University.

He said that if nothing is done in North Texas in the next 25 years, all groundwater from the Trinity and Woodbine aquifers will be used up.

Now, Grayson County has two years to create and manage their own water district or else the state will regulate water use in North Texas.

"I like the idea of keeping it locally and having local people elected by local people," said Grayson County Precinct 3 Commissioner Jackie Crisp. "If we are paired up with Dallas they are going to tell us what to do and I think its better that we form it ourselves."

County leaders say that combining several counties into one district should reduce the cost of maintaining a district.

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