Remembering a Fallen Soldier

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Three months ago, Sergeant Buddy Hughie was at home to witness the birth of his first child. On Monday, he was killed in action. And today, those who knew him, remember how proudly he served his country.

"Like all soldiers, he believed in doing good over there which we are and he wanted to serve again," said Sergeant Major Michael Scott, 1-180Th Infantry.

Sergeant Major Michael Scott remembers Sgt. Hughie as being a true patriot. He was one that exemplified that area which he came from.

"All of our young men have the reputation of going hunting and fishing and they are trained to be able to execute out on the field."

Word echoed in a statement from the Brigadier General Myles L. Deering.

"It is difficult to find the words to express the depth of loss felt
at a time like this," said Brig. Gen. Myles L. Deering, Commander of the 45th Infantry Brigade. "Sgt. Hughie served his country with pride and a
dedication to duty that was unparalleled. The men and women of the 45th Infantry Brigade will never forget the sacrifice that Sgt. Hughie has made for his country. Our thoughts and prayers are with Sgt. Hughie's family and loved ones, and I pray that God will comfort them during their time of grief. Our thoughts are also with the soldiers still in Afghanistan who are also mourning the loss of their comrade and friend and who must continue to stand watch," said Deering.

This was the second tour of duty for Hughie in Afghanistan. National Guard officials say Hughie and his unit were returning from an undisclosed operation, when they came under attack. Two Afghan soldiers were injured and as Hughie left his covered position to provide medical assistance, he was shot and killed.

A sacrifice many other soldiers have been making throughout the world as well.

"Much better than Iraq, still have challenges there adding troops to Afghanistan but still dangerous hope those watching at home realize we have two conflicts going on losing troops but feel more optimistic about Afghanistan," said Dan Boren, Oklahoma District 2.

Over 500 members of the 1-180th infantry are deployed in Afghanistan. Sgt. Hughie leaves behind a wife and a three month old daughter.

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