6 arrested, 2 kids found inside Bryan Co. drug house

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- A search warrant on a Bryan County house leads to 6 people arrested in a drug bust.

"Well we've known it's been going on. Everybody knows its been going on; its not anything new," said a local resident.

A Bryan County resident who asked not to be identified lives off Highway 91, between Cartwright and Colbert, near the home where a family was arrested Monday night on drug related charges.

Michael Whitlow, Danielle Davis, Lawrence Buckannon along with Leandra, Tony and Che Lopez have been arrested for possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia and cultivation of marijuana.

"It's a long time coming that they needed to clean it up; hopefully this will do it," said the local resident.

Investigators say they executed their search warrant at the house, after receiving information that the family might be growing marijuana and making meth on the property.

"In the process of operating the search warrant, we actually discovered two small children," said Calloway.

Chief Investigator Nathan Calloway says several baggies of methamphetamine and an open syringe were found in the children's room.

He says the boy and girl, ages 5 and 6, are now in the custody of the state.

"The condition of the property and of the buildings nearby was just in absolute terrible condition," said Calloway.

Calloway says marijuana plants were found in the backyard and behind the house along a creek-bed not visible from the highway.

He says deputies gave the children stuffed animals, since even the toys in their room might be contaminated with meth.

"It's sad and pathetic to see parents letting their kids living in this type of environment," said Calloway.

"Nobody wants their children growing up in an area like that; you know that's a bad deal," said the resident.