Inside Juell Records

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The Imtec Corporation was using the old First National Bank building as storage. But when Board Chairman Ron Bullard's friend Alvin Moody toured it a few months ago, he saw the building as more than a storage shed. That was how Juell Records was born.

Never in her wildest dreams did singer/songwriter Roz Brown think she would be recording her rock and roll with a splash of soul lyrics in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

But then she met Bullard and his wife Patsy, and now this New York native is trading the fast pace of the Big Apple for some Southern hospitality.

With financial backing from Imtec, producer Alvin Moody and attorney Derrick Harvey helped create Juell Records and say "they want to put Ardmore on the map."

The old bank building provided the perfect venue. The state of the art facility includes a live room to accommodate an orchestra or choir, large vocal booth, and even living quarters.

The company is actually three-fold, specializing in publishing, producing, and recording.

Moody has worked with the likes of Whitney Houston, Prince, and Gavin DeGraw, and says he is looking for raw talent to complement Juell's current artists, Roz, Andi Margjeka, and local favorite Jeff Hobbs.

"We're an artist development business, so you could know someone who sings at church, and with little guidance it could turn into something special."

Juell Records has already hit the ground running, and officials say it's only a matter of time before you hear their records over the air waves.

The question remains, "How long can these New Yorkers make it in the South?"

Juell Records has been in the works since 2005. Fifty percent of their profit will go to charity. Officials say they are committed to helping children diagnosed with autism or suffering from brain injuries.

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