Cold Case - Murder Mystery 58 Years Old

2-5-04 - A cold case in Grayson County dates back over 58 years. The murder of 80 year old Nancy Kraeger shocked the area, but never led to a conviction. The story begins on June 17th, 1946 when Kreager told one of her sons she was going to meet with a real estate agent. But she never came home. 52 days later, two farmers checking on a dairy cow saw a boot sticking out of an old well. Inside, the badly decomposed body of Kraeger. Authorities searched all types of leads, with robbery as the main motive. Kraeger had withdrawn $12,000 from the Grayson County State Bank that morning. It was money she planned to use as a down payment on property she bought in northern Grayson County. Two years after they found her body investigators arrested someone no one ever expected, Kraeger's own son-in-law. But the man never went to trial. First News spoke with one of the original investigators in the case, a retired Texas Ranger now living in Gainesville. He believes the son-in-law was not the killer, but perhaps a Fort Worth man who was looking to steal Kreager’s money.