Adult Store Triggers Changes in Ardmore

2-11-04 - From x-rated movies to adult novelties, a new business to Ardmore has caught the attention of people across the area. But now the soon to open Christie’s Toy Box has sparked enough controversy that the city won’t let it happen again.

In October, the city had not adopted a state ordinance that would have kept Christie's from building next to I-35, right next to a family business and an apartment complex. But since then the city formed a committee to plan where other adult stores should go.

They decided last week that the location should be the south side of town near highway 70 and 77. The city will soon adopt a state law, which only allows businesses, like Christie's, to sit 1,000 feet away from schools, churches, residential areas and parks.

The city hopes to have the new ordinances and laws in affect by next month. It will not affect Christie’s, which should open sometime in February.