Storms Leave Damage Across Texoma

3-4-04 - A powerful line of thunderstorms rolled across Texoma Thursday afternoon, leaving several cases of damage in its wake. The worst case of damage was south of Kingston in the Sanders Island View area, where two home received major damage. One home lost an entire porch while another lost part of its roof. High winds preceded the storms, but then increased in power with gusts of 70 miles an hour as the rain fell.

In Fannin County, the city hall in Ector was damaged when the roof was peeled back. The metal roof then landed on power lines, which caused the evacuation of city hall and the adjoining fire department. No one was hurt but crews used chains to hold down what's left of the roof until they can get it properly fixed.

The storm line crossed through Garvin and Murray counties and damaged a travel trailer as well as a barn. It also snapped some power poles. Electricity was knocked out for around 900 customers in Ringling, Oklahoma but has since been restored.