Crowded Taxi Way Expanding in Sherman

2-12-04 - A plan for expansion is taking off at Sherman's municipal airport. Thanks to a $900,000 grant, the facility will get a much-needed facelift. Officials with the city say it’s needed because more planes are landing in Sherman than ever before and its creating an airplane traffic problem.

The problem is that the taxi way is only half the distance of the runway. But with the grant and another $100,000 from the city, they will extend the taxi way 2,000 feet and build another ramp.

They also plan to build two more hangers to house dozens of airplanes. The airport’s popularity has taken off in the past few years thanks to its fuel prices, which are the cheapest in north Texas. More than 100 pilots from all over the nation are stopping and filling up each month.

That extra business has increased sales from 500 gallons five years ago to 6,000 gallons last month. Construction is scheduled to begin in nine months.