Take two in Colbert

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After last week's chaos prior to their last meeting, the Colbert City Council will try again tonight. Last Thursday's meeting was cancelled after a council member was arrested.

Colbert officials say tonight is take two.

Three executive sessions are scheduled for tonight, all involving hiring and firing city employees.

The council is set to discuss possibly terminating Police Chief John Polston, and then also hiring an interim police chief.

The agenda says they will discuss terminating the city administrator, Richard Rarrick.

Michelle Weger, and outspoken council member, is slated to publicly address the town tonight as well.

Another factor in tonight's meeting is a letter the city received from Durant police chief Gary Rudick.

Durant Police Lieutenant Johnny Rutherford says all background checked in Bryan County go through the 911 board. It's a system called 'o-lets'.

The Durant Police Department operates that board.

Rutherford says Chief Rudick will now monitor all background requests from Colbert because if the information is requested for personal gain, the Durant Police Department is in danger of losing their 'o-lets' license.

Officials around Colbert are not saying much. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:30 tonight at the school gym.

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