Ardmore park to be renovated

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Broadlawn Park is a hot spot for residents in Ardmore, but the park lacks kid-friendly amenities like awing sets and monkey bars. The Ardmore Parks and Recreation Department is changing that.

Director Kevin Boatright met with residents last night to hear their needs and wants for the park. Keeping that input in mind, the city drew up plans for a new playground, complete with slides, swings, and monkey bars.

For the last seven years, the city has budgeted money to replace old playground equipment all over the city. They set aside $45,000 in 2007 for Broadlawn Park.

Boatright is scheduled to present the plans to the city commissioners on March 19.

Sixty days later the kids in Ardmore should have those amenities to enjoy.

"Like any park, we want to put playground equipment that's safe for the kids and as it broke, warranties ran out, we couldn't replace it. It got smaller and smaller."

This is the fifth park that has been renovated in Ardmore in the last seven years.

Whittington Park is scheduled next on the list for renovations..

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