Pottsboro reacts to water violation

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POTTSBORO- City manager Kevin Farely called the surprise inspection by the TCEQ yesterday a blessing in disguise because it told the city exactly what they had to correct and allowed officials to get to work on the problem.

Little Mineral Creek is one of many waterways that feed into Lake Texoma. The discharge found in the creek came out of the plant yesterday.

Officials responsible for the water treatment say the cause of the problem has been building for years.

Farely says the sludge has been building for the last two years, and due to a delay in specific permits, the city has not been able to move it from the drying bins inside the plant to a landfill.

The build up led the air line to collapse and other equipment to shut down, leaving the city to take emergency action.

City officials say that compliance officers from the TCEQ told them they were handed a complaint by Texas Parks and Wildlife, who were concerned that any material form any outside source like the sewer plant could harm wildlife.

City leaders say in order to solve these problems it will cost the city over $50,000. That amount is in addition to the $350,000 that city says it will take to completely upgrade the facility.

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