Family, friends react to Sliger sentence

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After admitting he had knowledge of Jerry Don Savage's plot to kidnap Caitlin Wooten two years ago, Faye Sliger walked a free man today.

This morning Sliger took the stand and stated he was truly sorry for the way things turned out and if he could have stopped it he would have.

With that, Judge Landrith sentenced him to a ten-year suspended sentence.

Cries of disappointment echoed through the courtroom when the judge read the sentence.

The sentence means that Faye will only have to serve approximately 500 days he has already spent in the county jail.

Today he walked out a free man.

The sentence is a far cry from the life sentence he could have faced had the district attorney's office not dropped the murder charge in exchange for Sliger's plea. In that deal, Sliger agreed to turn over all of his assets, valued at $800,000, to the family of the victim.

The judge said that played a role in his decision.

As part of the plea deal, Caitlin's family did not testify today.

Her friends say the outcome angers them, and they do not believe justice was served.

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