Proposed asphalt plant questioned

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DENISON-Environmental quality officials were grilled with questions Thursday night about a proposed asphalt plant near Pottsboro. Texas Commission on Environmental Quality told the crowd that at this time, there's isn't anything in the application to keep it from being approved.

Concerned residents still took the opportunity to petition the officials on the possible effects of a plant in their community. About three hundred people met at Grayson County College Thursday to try and get some answers.

Rushing Paving's hot mix asphalt plant requires a standard permit, which does not include receiving public input. Thursday's informational session included 11 TCEQ representatives who spoke about standard permits and the permitting process.

Locals asked plenty of questions, but mostly shared their frustrations.

"When you have a child and you know information you're going to take every precaution to eliminate those risks and I just feel like it's too great of a risk for my children," said Teresa Hall, a concerned parent.

Hall has a child in kindergarten at Pottsboro Elementary, but said if the plant is built, her children will not attend Pottsboro schools. The proposed site is about half a mile from Pottsboro High School, and also close to the other Pottsboro schools.

One TCEQ official gave resdients options to appeal the permit if it's approved, but didn't really say if there's anything residents can do before March 12. March 12 is the latest date for TCEQ to make a decision.

KXII-Staff has tried multiple times to contact Rushing Paving officials. They have no comment except to say they plant to use the latest technologies for asphalt plants.

You can watch Daniel Gotera's in-depth look at the proposed plant in the link above.

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