Collision on 82 kills one driver

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Two eighteen-wheelers collided on West Highway 82 about two miles west of Sherman around 10:30 Friday morning, leaving one of the drivers dead.

The accident occurred near the intersection of westbound Highway 82 and Reynolds Road.

Both lanes of Highway 82 were blocked off for about nine and a half hours while authorities investigated.

Officials say Larry Wayne Bates was heading westbound when an empty pipe truck, driven by Anna Camfeld Salvo, pulled out in front on Reynolds Road heading south attempting to go east on Highway 82.

They collided, sending the pipe truck into the cab of the blue truck, killing Bates.

When emergency units arrived they realized Bates was still in the vehicle, but he was pronounced dead on the scene.

Authorities say Salvo, the pipe truck driver, suffered minor injuries, but she will be alright.

Officials say they can't remember an accident of this magnitude, and that speed was not a factor.