Lubbock Baby Found

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A four day old Texas baby is safe with her parents after she was kidnapped and taken across state lines.

"Today there's not many happy stories, this is certainly one in Lubbock, Texas."

After spending 26 hours with a kidnapper on the run, 4 day old Mychael Dartha Dawudu is back in the arms of parents.

Police say 21 year old Rayshaun Parson caught on security cameras several times coming and going from the Covenant Lakeside Hospital in Lubbock, played the role of a concerned nurse.

Before 1:30 Saturday morning, police say Parson told the parents she was taking the infant for tests, bu then tucked the baby inside her purse and left for good.

Police found the newborn over 100 miles away at a home in Clovis, New Mexico. The found Parson at another home nearby. Parson's is now in police custody awaiting charges and police continue to search for the man they believe drove the red truck that took Parson to New Mexico.

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