Cold Case - Ardmore Man Murdered in 1981

2-19-04 - Our latest Cold Case takes us to Ardmore, where the murder of a young man has gone unsolved for over 23 years. Arthur Daniel was a shy and unassuming 22 year old. Neither investigators nor his family ever knew why someone would want him dead. The manager of a local fast food restaurant was found shot to death on D Street Northeast in November of 1981; shot once in the head at point blank range, lying in a pool of his own blood. Police say he was on the way home from work, in a friend’s van he’d borrowed. It turned out that friend also worked at the restaurant, Burgers and Fries, and was responsible for making cash deposits after hours. Family members fear Daniel may have been the mistaken target of robbers. Police found no physical evidence at the scene and only came up with a limited sketch of a killer afterwards. Their investigation went nowhere – no one was ever arrested in the case. Now Arthur has been gone longer than he was alive. His father passed away last year in North Carolina but family members say he never got over his son's murder. Before he died, he pleaded with them to never give up on solving the mystery. The Ardmore police department has never closed this case. If you have information, contact them at 580-223-1212. You can remain anonymous.