Mosely enters plea agreement, gets life in prison

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A man who admitted to the shocking murder of a Sherman baby faced his fate in court today.

Earlier this morning, Patrick Earl Mosely was sentenced to life in prison after he admitted he killed a 20-month-old baby.

After his sentencing, the defendant gave a gut-wrenching description of how and why he brutally murdered the small child.

Mosely admitted to the courtroom that he strangled and then brutally beat Abriana Dehorney in 2005.

Today the defense entered a plea agreement in which defense attorney R.J. Hagood says Mosely pleaded guilty to the lesser murder charge in hopes of avoiding the death penalty.

The prosecution says the victim's family agreed to the plea bargain mainly to speed up justice and to assure Mosely would spend the rest of his life paying for the crime.

Mosely's guilty plea waived his right to trial and to file an appeal.

He will be eligible for parole with the life sentence, but that won't come for at least 30 years.

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