Child Abuse Victim Shares Story of Todd Sisk

2-23-04 - One of the alleged victims of former Durant school employee Todd Sisk shared his story with First News on Monday, in hopes that other victims will come forward. Sisk had already pleaded guilty in federal court to child molestation, but still awaits a state trial. So far, four victims have come forward to police, but one of those victims says there are many more. The 14 year old boy says the sexual abuse began when he was 7, when he met Sisk at the Armstrong Baptist Church in Durant. He says Sisk lured him and other boys to his home for sleepovers, then give them alcohol and molest one of them. The victims would promise not to tell, in some cases keeping the secret for years. The victim who spoke to First News said he kept quiet because he was scared and ashamed, and didn’t want to believe that the abuse had actually happened. He also says the attacks happened countless times. It’s a pattern that child psychologists say is not uncommon. Dr. Cynthia Martin-Cannici says it is important for victims to speak out and tell their stories. Also, parents should create an environment where children feel like they can tell. This victim is in counseling and says he's eager to testify before a judge and before Todd Sisk himself. No date has been set for sentencing on the federal crimes but Sisk may accept a plea bargain in state court that will likely put him behind bars for 30 to 40 years.