'Kids Care'

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GAINESVILLE- Chalmers Elementary School in Gainesville has received $1,500 from an anonymous donor. Instead of splitting it up themselves, they are letting the kids decide which charities will get the money.

The "Kids Care" program began when a teacher in Pennsylvania died of cancer and to honor her memory, her students raised money to give to her family.

Now children at Chalmers have been deciding which charities in Cooke County need help the most.

For the past two days students have listened to presentations from five local charities: CASA, Habitat for Humanity, Noah's Arc Animal Shelter, Meals On Wheels, and the American Cancer Society.

All campaigned for their respective organization and are part of the United Way.

Students then asked questions and voted for their favorite organization.

Event organizers say each vote from a student counts for about $6 from the $1,500 given by the donor.

Teachers like Gaylene Morris say it's a good way to give to charities, and teach kids about helping their community.

"They care about the kids. They want Gainesville to be good. They want Chalmers to be successful, and it's just a way of rewarding the agencies that do a lot of work for us."

Tomorrow each organization will be presented a check by five students. No word yet on who will receive the most money, but an early favorite is Noah's Arc Animal Shelter.

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