Wastewater plant location decided

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"The issue isn't new to Kenny addition homeowners. Years ago, when the city bought land near them to build a wastewater treatment plant, they protested and the bonds collapsed. But tonight, their voices did not speak near as loudly."
"This is the hardest decision we've had to make."

But it's one city manager Marianne Elfert says should have been made eight years ago.

And tonight, with two options on the table, city council members chose to build the new enclosed wastewater treatment plant on a 10 acre lot near the Kenny addition.

"I feel betrayed, hard to say what's going through my mind right now, I know we have to get in gear."

Altough their decision wasn't the one the crowd came to hear, council members say their vote speaks for the hundreds of others who call Lone Grove home.

"Victory for the city of Lone Grove.... we're definitely moving forward.”

They say if they would have gone with plan "b", a sight near the high school, it would have ended up costing taxpayers close to $500,000 because it lies against the gravitational flow.

But Kenny residents say appraisers told them the decision will drop their property values 50%, and they have the documents to back them up.

"I understand their concerns, but I believe when all is said and done all fears will be unfounded."

Now the city is moving forward and so are members of the Kenny addition.

"Get together, rally up more people done it before and will do it again."

The decision tonight may not have closed the book on this saga after all.

"The city plans to notify DEQ of their decision then proceed from there. members of the kenny addition have hired a lawyer and say they plan to file a class action lawsuit."

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