Keeping Local Infants Safe

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It's a parents worst nightmare, a child abduction. For one Lubbock family, it became a reality last weekend. That kidnapping has plenty of parents and hospital staff concerned, including here in Grayson County.

"When any chief nurse hears about an abduction it catches your attention and its a very frightening thing for a hospital and a community to go through," said Janice Walker, VP for Patient Care at Wilson N. Jones.

And while the crime was shocking, Wilson N Jones officials say its a crime that's on the rise. Since 1983, 121 newborns and infants under six months have been taken from health centers across the country. 33 have have been abducted from Texas.

"Today's time, its a very high risk so we start before birth and daily after birth educating mothers and fathers on the security systems of the hospital," said Walker.

WNJ officials say they began locking the doors to the nursery a couple of months ago. Even staff needs permission before they can enter the room. This is part of the hospital's plan to beef up security and prevent abductions.

"We've taken many avenues to provide the safest environment for our mothers and their children that includes multiple protection policies," said Walker.

Wilson N. Jones is accredited by the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Hospital Organizations which means the hospital is mandated to conduct drills and make sure other security measures are always in working order.

"Keeps you in check and if you have a potential attempt, then it allows you to go back and tighten up your measures and find out as to why a the incident occurred," said Walker.

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