Answers to Standoff's Deadly Ending

2-26-04 - It was a deadly ending to a standoff in Valley View Wednesday, but one day later, the Sheriff says they were only trying to communicate when things went wrong.

Sheriff Mike Compton says a tactical team was trying to throw a phone through the window of a trailer where Chrystal Pinkston had been holding her daughter hostage for 23 hours. But as they broke a rear window, the mother began firing at officers, while holding her child in her arms.

Compton says the officers waited until they had a clear shot in order to protect the girl. Moments later Sierra Dawn Sasiain was pulled out safely, but her mother would die later from gunshot wounds. Compton told us that the trailer had no telephone and Pinkston had only answered one cell phone call.

He says he regrets that it ended in death, but the important part was that Sierra was not harmed. Pinkston had taken her daughter at gunpoint from a Denton daycare on Tuesday. Sierra’s grandparents have custody of the little girl.