Investigation Into Potts Sub Wrapped Up

3-22-04 - The investigation into allegations of physical abuse by a Pottsboro substitute teacher more than two weeks ago is nearly complete. Today Pottsboro police investigators turned over two cases to the County Attorney on Monday.

The incidents happened on March 5th, during a physical education class. A group of 3rd grade boys claim the man treated them roughly, including picking one up by the neck, twisting the ear of another, and kicking a third child. A total of six children made allegations to police.

Police should turn over four more cases to DA Joe Brown tomorrow. Today he told First News the case will then be presented to a grand jury. The substitute could face six felony counts of injury to a child.

On Monday, the attorney for the former substitute told First News that the investigation into these allegations has a lot of holes. Former prosecutor Bob Jarvis claims police didn't talk to all the witnesses before turning the case over to the county. He says no one informed him the police investigation was complete and in his eyes, its still not finished. Jarvis says his client did not harm the children at all but only disciplined them in an appropriate manner.