Laid Off Employees Looking for Answers

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JOHNSTON COUNTY - A surprising layoff Thursday at Sundowner Trailers has left many employees upset. Now they are looking for jobs and answers.

"It was odd real odd I was shocked, still in shock over it...and mad," one employee said after suddenly being laid off, just before his shift ended.

County officials said this is not the first the company have laid off employees.

"We have had layoffs in our county before from rock crushers to sundowner and have always survived."

Former employees were encouraged to file for unemployment. However, there is another program called "Big 5," a social service that gives money to displaced workers.

"Big five does have a dislocated workers program. I sitting on that board that would be one suggestion."

KXII tried to contact Sundowner management about the layoffs. They issued a statement, saying slow spring sales forced the company to release 67 employees, or about 13% of their workforce.

Some people fear there could be more layoffs in the near future.