Shocking Discovery - 1,000 tapes of Child Porn

3-24-04 - Lamar County authorities found thousands of images of child pornography in the home of a 66-year-old man. But Orien Lee Scott is also accused of videotaping nude children in his home.

Sheriff's deputies searched his home in Maxey on Friday and found pornographic images of children on his computer. Investigators were acting on a tip from the mother of two local teenagers who worked for Scott. Those teens had seen images of nude children while on his computer. Investigators found videotapes of those teens using the restroom and taking showers. The tapes were made without their knowledge.

Authorities also fear that there could be more local victims, because the tapes contain thousands of hours of footage.

Scott is charged with one count of possession and promotion of child porn. He is free on $75,000 bond. So far, he has not been charged with a crime relating to the videotapes.