Rape Allegations at Choctaw County Jail

3-24-04 - Accusations of sexual assault inside a local jail have drawn the attention of the state of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is investigating actions at the Choctaw County jail that allegedly happened last Thursday.

A female inmate claims she was raped by a male inmate after a jailer allowed him into her cell. It happened around six o'clock. But authorities say the 37-year-old woman from Hugo didn't report the alleged rape until Friday night, after she was released on bond.

She was then taken to a local hospital, where she was given a medical exam, but those results aren't back yet. The OSBI is investigating the accusations, but Sheriff Lewis Collins says it appears 32-year-old trustee inmate gained access to the woman’s cell with the help of a 21-year-old jailer. That man has been suspended.

Authorities say if the state's investigation proves the jailer did allow the alleged sexual assault to occur, he could be charged with 2nd degree rape. As for the male inmate, he's been transferred to the McCloud Correctional Center. The OSBI investigation should be wrapped up by Friday.