Willie Nelson Plays Ardmore - 1st Time Ever

3-24-04 - Willie Nelson’s 1st performance ever in Ardmore on Wednesday night might not be the first time the Red Headed Stranger was supposed to appear there. KXII has obtained a ticket and t-shirt for a Willie Nelson concert that was supposed to take place at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum on August 11, 1977.

But a KXII employee who owns those items claims the show never went on. No one really knows why Willie didn't play that night. Rumor has it that many in the community thought he was too controversial to play in Ardmore.

But from local disc jockeys to city leaders, no one could remember why Willie didn’t go through with the concert. And for that matter, neither did his band or management crew today. Poodie Locke, Willie’s longtime road manager says they have played all throughout the area, but can’t remember why they didn’t play Ardmore. Although he admitted that after 30 plus years on the road the memories are a little fuzzy.

The concert Wednesday night was sold out well in advance. It was such a success that promoters are brining Nelson back for a concert this summer, on June 30.