Tank Training - Gung Ho in Sherman

3-25-04 - A fleet of battle tanks in Grayson County isn’t meant for war, but for corporate training. Tactical Tanks will open in just a few weeks, with a mission to prepare workers to win in the corporate world.

The operation sits on 265 acres northwest of Sherman. Participants take part in a military style scavenger hunt, splitting into different teams. The use up to 25 different U.S. and British tanks, many of them restored classic models. During the competitions, they gather clues while driving the tanks, and at the same time dodge non-lethal minefields. Owner David Estes calls it a great training tool. “The product of this is certainly more cohesion in the workplace. It allows people to have connections at a different level than they're accustomed to," says Estes.

He also says it builds confidence. The course focuses on other workplace needs, like diversity training, personality styles, and conflict management. And even though they will book a birthday party, Tactical Tanks doesn’t come cheap – each tank rents for up to $3,000 per tank per day.