PETA urges closer look at circus

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SHERMAN- Animal activists are urging Sherman city leaders to look closely at the treatment of an animal usually not found in our area…elephants.

When the Carson and Barnes Circus asked to come to town, Sherman city officials gladly found a place to host the event. Now a national organization is asking for proper treatment of animals under the big top.

Organizers with people for the ethical treatment of animals (PETA) sent a letter to Mayor Bill Magers and city council members asking them to take a close look at the way the Carson and Barnes Circus treats their elephants.

PETA officials say Carson and Barnes workers use bull hooks and electric prods to control their elephants, which could be dangerous and in violation of the federal animal welfare act.

According to the company's website, they were investigated in 2006 by the SPCA and were cleared of wrongdoing.

The SPCA found the elephants had a healthy bond with their trainers. City of Sherman officials say they expect the event to be a success.

"They've been around for 70 years. As soon as they called I knew exactly who they were and I felt like they could be trusted as something we would want to bring to Sherman,” said Shawnda Raines of the Sherman Tourism Department.

The circus is scheduled for April 2nd and 3rd at Midway Mall. City officials say all animals should be treated properly, and they plan to keep watch.

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