Recount Loaded With Accusations

3-26-04 A recount in two Grayson County Judge races ended with the same results on Friday, but even more accusations tossed between Republicans and Democrats.

The two races involve the 15th District judge seat between Jim Fallon and Amos Mazzant and the 336th District judge seat between Lauri Blake and Rick Dunn. After hours of hand recounting Friday, Fallon was still the winner in the 15th District and Blake still the winner in the 336th district. That's despite accusations made by Dunn that the Chairman of the Republican party meddled in the initial primary two weeks ago. It was an accusation denied by Clyde Seibman.

But in the middle of the recounting, Sheriff Keith Gary was asked to leave the room. Gary was the coordinator appointed by the GOP, but he says it was a prominant Democrat, Carol Shae who wanted him to leave. He claims it's Democrats interfering with a Republican election. Shae responded with, "They can make all the accusations they want but nothing will be gained by responding to these lies."

In the end, despite the recount the Primary results remain the same. Now candidates are looking ahead to the November election.