White House Releases 9-11 Memo

(Crawford, Texas-AP) -- U-S intelligence officers told President
Bush in August of 2001 that Osama bin Laden's supporters wanted to
attack the U-S with explosives.

A memo released today by the White House also shows that
officers had heard of possible hijacking plots but couldn't confirm

Bush was also told that al-Qaida had reached America's shores
and also had a support system in place for its operatives. It also
noted that the F-B-I had detected suspicious activity that might
involve a hijacking plot.

It also points out that that after President Clinton launched
missile strikes on bin Laden's base in Afghanistan in 1998, bin
Laden quote-- "told followers he wanted to retaliate in

Evidence from another country was cited, but the White House
blacked out the name of the country.

The White House also released a summary of the document
indicating nothing it contained warned of Nine-Eleven.