MG plant plans “on schedule”

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ARDMORE - Some say the announcement was the biggest news to hit Ardmore in years.

Once folks heard Oklahoma Global Motors and Nanjing Automobile Group were teaming up to revitalize the MG coupe at the Ardmore Air Park, more houses started going up, and retailers announced they were moving in to complement the 450 plus jobs the company would create.

But this morning, an MG executive's words cast over those plans.

Paul Stowe told NPR News it was his understanding that Oklahoma wasn't going to see an MG plant. But state officials say that's a far cry from the truth.

In a statement released today, Oklahoma officials say Stowe isn't directly involved in the project moving forward, and his comments this morning were his own opinion-- and not management's.

As far as Oklahoma Global Motors, the State Department of Commerce, and Oklahoma Development Authorities, officials are concerned.

MG is moving full speed ahead, and Ardmore better get ready.

Global Motors chair Marc Nuttle says he just returned from China where he was meeting with Nanjing officials to finalize an agreement. He says business remains on schedule.

Paige Tebow caught up with Ardmore Development Authority's Wes Stucky earlier today.

Click the video link to watch that interview.

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