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Imagine walking out your front door and seeing a strange device hooked up to a parachute with the words ‘space data’ written on it.

“When the box said 'space data' on it, I thought maybe it came from outer space."

It seemed like a scene out of Star Trek for Manuel Chavez and his girlfriend, Marilyn. Finding this strange object in his pasture was anything but normal.

"So I got a stick and started poking it."

With the words ‘space net’ plastered on the front in big letters, was it a UFO?

"I rolled it over, I wasn't too sure. I saw that antenna coming out of it and I said it might be an explosive device coming out of it, you know how it is now a days."

But under the title was a phone number and a note that read, “If found, please return.”

"I called the number and they said pick it up and take it into the barn, we'll send someone out to retrieve it and you'll get a reward."

It turns out. The bizarre device is a wireless repeater data box used by oil rig companies to detect information across states like Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

Spacenet sends out at least 10 of these FAA-approved balloons a day.

They are in the air for about 24 hours, and then come back to Earth.

This device launched Monday, and by Tuesday it was on the ground.

Company officials say they hope good people like Manuel will turn them in.

"Maybe the reward will pay off."

Twenty-five dollars isn't bad for someone that just found a device that looked like it came from another world.

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