New low-income homes built in Sherman

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SHERMAN - Local builders are constructing houses for low-income families. It's part of a tax-abatement program that exempts the builders from city taxes for six years, and it’s giving life to older neighborhoods in Sherman.

We told you about the program five months ago. Now, six houses have been completed, and people have started to call them home.

Last year, 38 homes were built in Sherman alone as part of this program. This year 60 more will be going up, bringing more people into Sherman and helping the local economy.

They’re giving a facelift to some old neighborhoods across the city.

Five months ago, the corner of North Throckmorton and East Sycamore was a wooded area. Now, builders have finished six and are in the process of building 14 more houses that will fill up this new subdivision.

The homes contain all the necessary utilities, and one owner calls his new home a dream come true.

Officials with Cupid Homes say people from Sherman to Whitewright have shown interest in the new houses, wanting to find affordable housing, which is something that is needed for a growing community.

"We're building clusters of homes anywhere we can find land that we can put more than one house per single lot, then what we'll do is put a single house there,” said Ron Barton, the co-owner of Cupid Homes.

All the homes in the tax abatement program are being built in a re-investment zone, which includes all neighborhoods east of Highway 75 and south of Highway 82.

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