Gunter prepares for North Texas growth

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GUNTER - It's no secret that residential and commercial growth is slowly moving north from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro-Plex, boosting economies and populations all the way up through Grayson County and in the city of Gunter.

Six developers are building on this growth, planning to make Gunter one of the largest cities in the county in the next decade. In the next 10 to 15 years, Gunter city leaders say they hope to build 12,000 homes in and around the city.

That's why they want to extend the city limits and annex surrounding developments, but county leaders say before they move forward they have to make sure the local infrastructure can handle the growth.

Asperion Developments, along with five other companies, plan to construct several municipal utility districts, which allow subdivisions to borrow low interest money. Then the owners pay back the money used for water, waste water, and street improvements.

Gunter city leaders say they'd also like to extend the city limits to include the new developments. Tax dollars from those developments would go to the city in order to provide residents with emergency services.

"Typically, they're not in cities; they're just next to them. But I spoke to them and we decided that in Grayson County the best way for us to be able to serve them is for them to be in the city limits of Gunter," said Gunter mayor Mike Millar.

County officials are in the process of negotiating with the developers to see if they would be able to cover the costs for county roads around the proposed sites that might be damaged during construction.