Keeping things running at Ardmore schools

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ARDMORE - The first phase of an elementary school has begun construction.

The elementary schools in Ardmore are outdated, and with the infrastructure falling apart, it will be up to the voters April 3rd to decide if the construction will continue..

It has taken several hours of man power just to keep these old schools running. KXII’s Teddy Safo caught up with one gentleman who has spent the last ten years patching up broken patches

No one knows more about the amount of work it takes to keep things running than Paul Martin at Franklin Elementary. The electrician points out an oven that is in desperate need of repair.

But trying to fix it will mean lunches will not be prepared for at least a week, since the oven is so old parts are no longer made.

The list keeps growing. Ceiling tiles in the gym are constantly being changed because the roof is very old.

For the past ten years Paul Martin has kept Ardmore schools in working order but the elementary schools take most of his time.

Listening to the faulty oven is bad enough, but what's even worse is how long it will take to fix it.

"It will take about a week to repair it, and she needs an oven to cook with."

In an event of severe weather, the safest place at Franklin Elementary is probably the most dangerous.

"We're at the basement; the problem being at the basement is the problem with asbestos."

There is also mold, leaving teachers with no choice but to use the bathroom facilities for protection.

"This is our storm shelter we have to use it in case of emergency."

Electrical wiring at Franklin has not been updated since 1928. A few blocks away at Charles Evans, the problem is even worse.

"This old distribution panel is old and been mistreated for so long we replace breakers trying to keep it together.”

Recent storms have also had a dramatic effect. These same hallways also double as protection in case of tornado, but the large glass windows can pose a serious hazard.

The man who has been patching up these old buildings for the past decade believes the students deserve a better school.

"Yes, it would be nice for the students especially, and with a safe room…out of this world."

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