Lake Texoma springtime levels highest in two years

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After heavy rains covered most of our viewing area, Lake Texoma levels are at its highest point for this time of year in two years.

Officials with the army corps of engineers say they plan to release the floodgates here at the Denison Dam for the first time since 2005.

They say this is because the lake is well above acceptable levels.

The average lake level is 615 feet and officials expect the level to rise to 619 feet by the end of the week.

The level is at 617 feet right now after heavy rainfall last week.

Water flows from 38,000 square miles of drainage areas into the lake.

Heavily saturated watersheds to the northwest helped with the inflow.

Right now the water is rushing steady through power generators.

Corps of engineers’ officials say they plant to open the floodgates tomorrow.

April through June are their main water collecting periods in preparation for dry summers.

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