Sherman business suing over city’s construction

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SHERMAN - As new developments spring up around Sherman, long-time business owners say the construction is taking a toll on their work.

Construction crews tore up and rebuilt Sarah Swamy Road a few hundred feet south along Loy Lake Road to accommodate a new retail development.

The road's new spot is right next to Hanger Prosthetics. Managers say instead of the city extending Hanger's driveway to the street, they instead extended the sidewalk in front of the building along Loy Lake.

Managers like Steve Prock say this new setup is difficult for handicapped clients driving in and out.

"It's been this way for 13 years and they've come in and closed off my exit and said I've got to deal with it and live with it."

Steve Prock of Hanger Prosthetics filed a lawsuit against the developer and the city of Sherman.

Both parties say they do not comment on ongoing litigation.

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